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IPO of coins is activities to attract capital in program, based on applying technology of the blockchain. Funds attracted by way of implementation token or bitcoins that are issued under particular programme and available virtual sites for unimpeded circulation of the cryptocurrency market.

In the process executing the ICO involved finances in the realization and development working programme, similar with the IPO in not virtual area. However, unlike the past when the investor find opportunity free to purchase and sell shares of company when working ICO investors invested in the token or coin, along provided they features that are laid creators project. Monetization can include as resources actions: owning a share company, and other, and to give anyany certain crystal clear described the possibilities. It all depends on idea developers idea.

Today topics implementation ICO become the different businesses and start-UPS, among them to meet as standard and totally extraordinary model business. And it involves scams attention. In cryptosample projects, formed with the intention "raise capital and evaporate" is tradition to name established the word Scam, in English – Scam. indicators fraudulent programs made to list the lack of specific information and unavailability it verification or immediate contesting presented developers information. Providing incorrect information users intention accumulation money no upcoming execution obligations determines Scam as key insecurity investment Finance to ICO. useful tips how to evade virtual "kidalova" and fresh ico scam you have the opportunity read on our platform.

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