Granite polishing methods

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Granite polishing methods

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daily cleaning
Granite surfaces in the home must be kept clean on a regular basis. They are easily soiled due to frequent use. As for the cleaning steps, they are as follows:

Fill a small bowl with hot water and add a little dish washing liquid to it, and stir the mixture well to mix the ingredients together. Bring a clean rag and immerse it in the previous mixture, and use it to wipe the granite surfaces and remove dirt from them.

After that, the surface is dried using a dry cotton towel so that no trace of water spots remains on it. When a liquid substance is spilled on the granite surface, paper towels should be used directly, by placing them over the stain and cleaning by patting instead of wiping, as the wiping process will spread the stain more and increase its area.

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Bicarbonate of soda
Oil stains: Baking soda is used to remove oil stains from granite surfaces, even if they are old, by mixing a cup of it in a bowl, adding 5 teaspoons of dishwashing liquid with a little water to get a sticky and consistent mixture, and then place the mixture Apply directly to the stain, cover it with plastic wrap and leave it overnight, then clean the surface thoroughly with soap and water and dry it.

Water stains: To remove stains caused by liquids that contain water such as coffee or juice, mix hydrogen peroxide in a bowl with baking soda until the mixture forms a sticky paste, then put this paste on the stain and cover it with plastic wrap, and leave it overnight. Then wipe it with soap and water

vegetable oils
Vegetable oils such as corn oil, olive oil, or avocado oil can be used to polish granite surfaces, by placing a little vegetable oil on a clean cloth, and then rubbing the granite surface in circular motions with light pressure.

The result is a shiny and clean surface free of stains, and this process can be repeated daily, or once a week as desired.

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Granite maintenance tips
Many tips must be followed to maintain granite and avoid damage, including: Avoid using inappropriate cleaning materials, such as chemical bleaches, or cleaners that contain acidic substances such as ammonia, vinegar, and lemon; These materials work on cracking and eroding granite surfaces.

Avoid rubbing the granite surface with rough materials such as a metal sponge wire; They cause scratches and damage, and you should only use a soft sponge, or a cotton cloth to clean.

When using a new method of cleaning granite, you must first try it on a small part of the granite that is not visible to ensure the effectiveness of this method, and if it will leave a bad effect or will change the color.

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Re: Granite polishing methods

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Re: Granite polishing methods

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Re: Granite polishing methods

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