Install Chromecast on a Windows 10 PC

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Install Chromecast on a Windows 10 PC

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To connect a Google Chromecast to a Windows 10 computer, follow these instructions.

* You may simply connect the USB end of the HDMI Chromecast HDMI device to the USB power adapter after plugging it into your home's HDMI port.
* You may adjust your TV source input to the appropriate HDMI port where the chromecast device is attached using the TV remote control. After that, you'll be requested to click the "input" button, after which you can keep pressing the "input" or "source" buttons until the TV changes from HDMI1 to HDMI2. You're done setting up the Chromecast device once you've done that. Then, in the following stage, you must prepare Chromecast on your Windows 10 PC.
* To install Chromecast on a PC running Windows 10, go to and download and install the Google Chrome browser. Of course, if you haven't used Chrome before, this step is skipped.
* Then, on your PC, open Google Chrome and go to
* When the Chrome settings screen displays, select Set up Chromecast from the drop-down menu.
* The Chromecast privacy criteria will show on the following page, and you must accept them by clicking the accept button.
After that, the web page will look for Chromecast devices that are linked to a WiFi network. Simply click the "set me up" button.
* There is a wifi icon in the right-hand corner of the computer that you may click.
* Open the Chromecast network after connecting to wifi, then click the "next" button. Finally, press the "yes" button.
* You'll be prompted to name your Chromecast on the following screen. After that, simply type in your password and click "connect."
* Eventually, Chromecast will be phased out. If your screen reads "Ready to cast," it indicates you must be ready to cast whatever is on your Windows 10 computer screen to your television.

Furthermore, if you want to play video from your computer to your TV, open Chrome on your Windows 10 computer, pick a video on YouTube or another site, and then click on the icon displayed in the right corner of your computer as the movie starts. And then it was done.

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